This Is Me

Let me tell you something. 
You can create the life you love. 
You can live in a reality that doesn’t need escaping, numbing, vacations.
Get rid of the things distracting you from your purpose. Whether that’s unfollowing someone who you constantly compare yourself to, quitting a job that makes you dread getting up in the morning, saying goodbye to friendships that no longer serve you and keep dragging you down.
Whatever is making you feel like you won’t be anything.
Because you are everything.
YOU matter.
YOU are enough.
YOU can do big things in this life.
I believe in YOU.
There will be people who try to tell you differently. Don’t entertain them. Show them how wrong they were. 
Because YOU have a purpose. Find that purpose and in the process, you will find yourself.
Show the world who you are. 
This is me.

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