What is End the Stigma?

End the Stigma is a non-profit organization for teen mental health. I am a co-founder and work closely to help end the stigma regarding mental illness. I shared my #NoFilter story about my own anxiety and depression, alongside other teens who have shared their own stories. We have opened up vulnerable conversations in hopes to send a message that those suffering in silence are not alone.

Check out the End the Stigma website for stories and resources.

My therapist and I started a weekly teen support group here in Henderson, Nevada in an effort to create a community of support, hope, and awareness. This group has grown to three support groups each week. If you’re a local and would like to join or have your child join, see the flyers below.

Join our movement and follow the End the Stigma Instagram account where I post daily quotes, coping mechanisms, and affirmations.

If you’d like to collaborate, host an event, share your story, donate, etc. contact End the Stigma.