Quieting the People Pleaser

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Not everybody is going to like you. I used to be a big time people pleaser. For almost eighteen years, I was lost living a life trying to make everyone around me happy. I was trying to make everybody comfortable in my presence. I was trying to avoid conflict or disagreements. I was trying to make everyone approve of who I was. I was trying to be someone that I simply am not and cannot be. Because of this need to please everyone around me, I always came up short. I was never good enough.

It wasn’t until I finally owned who I am, stepped fully into my purpose, and stood strong for what I believe in that I realized no matter what I do, someone is always going to end up not liking me. Someone is going to hate what I have to say. In fact, someone is going to despise my guts.

But that’s not my problem. It’s no longer my job to prove to ANYONE that I am enough. Because I already have a strong knowing in myself that I am. I don’t owe anyone an explanation for who I am. And now, my truths make some people extremely uncomfortable. Some people just don’t understand me and never will. Some people speak those dislikes either to my face, hiding behind a screen, or through rumors. But guess what? I. could. not. care. less. Because turns out, I’m not for everyone. And that is OKAY with me. I have my cheerleaders and I have my haters–both motivate me to stay true to my authentic self.

Stop giving up your power by putting it in other people’s hands. OWN YOUR POWER. Own who you are. Don’t let anyone change or take that away from you.

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