My #NoFilter Story – Part 2: Survivor of Abuse

Let’s get real with Whyt again. Warning, tread lightly.

If you were to look at my Instagram profile earlier this year, it would have looked like I was in a happy, maybe even healthy, relationship with a boyfriend. Little did you know, that I was being sexually and mentally abused while also suffering with extreme anxiety and depression. Earlier this year, I shared my #NoFilter story via video telling my mental illness story. Now I am choosing to take off yet another filter of my story. I was raped, violated, and abused. As I am healing from this trauma, I have become passionate about being an advocate for abuse and mental illness. I want to make clear my intentions in sharing this. I am not sharing out of spite, revenge, or attention. The details of who and what are not important. I’m more concerned about speaking up for those victims like myself. I am doing this for the girl that I once was who was so lost, so broken, and living such dark things. I am choosing to take back my power and use it to empower. I cannot stay silent. I will make my voice heard. The world is ignorant regarding abusive relationships and victims of rape and sexual assault but I’m here to change that, one person at a time. Watch my #NoFilter video about my experience regarding my abuse. #MeToo

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