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waterfalls & kayaking & hot springs oh my ! #CostaRicaBaby #PuraVida
“Wouldn’t that be so cool if the volcano erupted in our picture??” Hahahahah um no.
Alongside the celebration, excitement, and dreams is grief for the end of an era.
 The past couple months, as this day has gotten closer, I found myself in denial. 
I was numbing and hiding from the reality that was about to hit me.
 All of a sudden, I didn’t feel ready for the day that I had so long been waiting for.
I was able to put language to my intense feeling of loss, change, and sadness—grief. 
Grieving the loss of my childhood & teenage days that I’ll never get back.
Grieving the millions of changes happening all at once.
Grieving the fact that my best friend is now moving and our paths diverge here.
Grieving the “high school experience” I got stolen from me when I was deep in abuse, depression, and trauma for two long years. 
Grieving what could have been.
Grieving the past version of myself that I let go. 
The future is scary, unknown, insecure, uncertain, and anxiety provoking. 
The vast possibilities leaves me both exhilarated and terrified. 
Thank you high school for all that you were and all that you weren’t. 
I am grateful for both. 
It was both the best time of my life and simultaneously the hardest, longest time of my life. 
That’s the thing—life can be a BOTH/AND moment. These feelings of celebration and grief can coexist. All the things. All the feels. All at once. 
Here’s to both the ending and the beginning.
The relief that rushed through my body when I walked off that stage was exhilarating.
I have been yearning for this day for quite some time and it was surreal finally experiencing it. 
The weights lifted making me feel light and free as ever. 
As I celebrate, I dream up the endless possibilities of my future. 
I feel unwavering peace that some of the best days of my life are yet to come. 
I have hope that this isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning of so much more for me.
I celebrate how far I have come in eighteen years, how much I’ve learned & changed, and how much more I get to endure. 
I reminisce in sentiment of some the most adventurous, heartfelt, and carefree days of my life.
This day brought endless laughter, extreme joy, many tears, much peace, and loads of hope. 
I sit here in gratitude.
Thank you for the unconditional support every step of the way.
To say I’m proud of Megan is an understatement. Walking along side her as a best friend and witnessing and experiencing her growth through her journey has been one of the most sacred & precious gifts. Seeing her transformation and healing was and is beautiful and empowering in every sense. Meg went from not even being able to physically speak and acknowledge her struggles with an eating disorder to anyone, even me, to not long after sharing her story publicly in hopes to reach those also suffering in silence. Without even knowing her, you can see her strength and bravery. Her leap of courage to open herself up vulnerably to the world has and will continue to touch lives and makes a difference in helping #EndTheStigma regarding these topics. I can’t get over this proud best friend moment so I had to share. •

Meg was a guest on my podcast to deeper discuss her experiences with an eating disorder, diet culture, and intuitive eating. I may be biased, but GUYS this episode, is SO good. It’s rich in content and I definitely recommend watching both Meg’s #NoFilter story as well as listening to our podcast interview.
so uhhh...i’m officially done with high school and i’m not really sure how i feel about it so i’ll get back to you on that one but hey in the meantime here are some senior pics for yah ;)
The meaning of Namaste is ‘The divine light in me honors and sees the divine light in you’ and that statement is the epitome of what I experienced at the Lights Festival. I found myself wondering what each person’s story was—why they were there, what they wrote, what they were releasing. But then I knew. Because even though the fine lines in our stories are different, the feelings are universal. We’ve all felt the pain, the loneliness, the fears. We’ve all craved the peace, the joy, the happiness. And that’s why we were all there. Releasing the lanterns filled with the insecurities, the anxieties, the hurt. 5,000 released together—not one soul alone or left behind. Then when the light of the lantern burned out, so did the worries—they were let go and released. Burdens lifted, heartbreak healed, and in it’s place, love and connection flourished. As the fears burned out, a light was ignited in the hearts of each person. It was a beautiful, peaceful, and profound experience. Namaste. The divine light in me honors and sees the divine light in you. #WhatLightsYou
When making this short video, I decided to leave out the edits & background music to show a dose of the raw connection and peace that I breathed through this experience.
Tune into my new podcast episode about the stories, experiences, and lessons I learned going to a Lights Festival two years in a row! Link in bio
traded the prom dresses for some quality Savers fun 🤪
#RealityCheck — My favorite phrase from the night, “I’ve never been more happy with soap in my mouth” which basically sums up the entire experience from dresses spilled with oil to a change of plans. We had a few other activities planned like ax throwing but we jumpstarted the messy fight without thinking and ended up having so much fun regardless of the things we didn’t end up doing.
As cliche as it sounds, it really was the best for last. I haven’t laughed that much in a long time all thanks to a night out with my best friends. #seniorprahm
#RealityCheck — Prom got off to a rocky start. We got our makeup done, hair all perfect, dresses making us feel good about ourselves for once. We were all walking out the door to start off our night when a big mishap happened. Oil. All. Over. Someone’s. Dress. (Stupid fire tennis was a bad idea.) Lots of tears. Lots of panic. Lots of explicit words. The boys waited while we cleaned up, called Mom, found a new dress, fixed makeup, and got up the courage to try again. Prom round two was a lot better. The night was intimate, adventurous, and laugh worthy. You would have had no idea by these pictures though something so drastic happened not even an hour before. PSA: the oil came right out of the dress thanks to the dry cleaners.
eat my dust
#RealityCheck — This was a beautiful, fun-filled day. Oh, besides the fighting with my sister over who was going to drive the razor because the other had been hogging it. Oh, and besides running out of gas as soon as we got to this beautiful spot in the picture so we couldn’t actually explore it. Oh, and besides drinking 4 Mountain Dews to stay hydrated when I don’t drink caffeine doctor’s orders and then later throwing it up. Oh, and besides crying myself to sleep shaking & panicking. But other than that...it was REALLY good!!! ;) But actually, it was good. No sarcasm. My point is, days, emotions, life can be a rollercoaster of ups and downs but overall turn out quite okay. It’s a mixture and sum of the good, the bad, the ugly every single day. But it’s just a matter of where your focus is—on the good, the bad, or the ugly. Today, I choose to focus on the good.
GUYS, we have been blessed by megan’s presence in this world for eighteen whole years now!!! I believe that soulmates can come in the form of a best friend. Words can’t even express my deep love & appreciation for this girl. Happy birthday to my favorite human. I love you unconditionally.
it was even grander than i had dreamed
#RealityCheck — My cousin from Argentina came to visit and wanted to see the Grand Canyon. I was deemed tour guide and took them all around the strip and the next day on a tour bus to the Grand Canyon. So many people had told me negative experiences of the Grand Canyon and how it wasn’t that cool or just looked like a painting or there wasn’t much to do their. It made me feel stupid for wanting so badly to see it and taking off work just to go. But let me tell you...it was worth waking up at 3 am, driving 4 hours on a stinky, hot tour bus, and the many crowds. I would not trade sitting on the edge of that canyon breathing in the beauty, meditating next to my dear Argentine cousins. I love that we sat next to each other for 45 minutes in silence—me meditating and him reading his scriptures. I respect anyone that can sit in silence comfortably and he allowed me that experience by also doing so. •
As we made our way home, I began to cry as we got to the strip of Vegas. Don’t ask me why because I don’t quite know whether it was the lack of sleep, the amount of stress, feeling small, of overwhelm of feelings. Maybe it was all of it. But I tried to conceal and hide my tears in order to protect my cousin. I shoved it all down so I didn’t ruin his experience. I didn’t want him to worry about me. So I put on a face of happy go lucky and continued my duties of a cheerful tour guide when really I was hurting inside. Just a story behind the pretty pictures to remind that a lot of your feed might just be masks of people hiding their hurt and pain. Not everything and everyone you see is 100% telling the truth through what they portray of themselves. Always be kind because you never know what the face looks like behind the mask.
March 30th -- Today marks two years since I decided to reach out for help. It marks the day I sat down in that therapy office even when I was feeling uncomfortable shame and stigma. I was a girl that felt so powerless, so desperate, so helpless, and so alone in the depths of my own misery. It feels like a lifetime ago seeing where I stand today. 
On this anniversary, I am feeling all sorts of emotions. I am feeling relief that I took the leap and did the scary thing even when everything within me didn’t want to be there. I am feeling overjoyed gratitude reflecting on the growth and change I have made within myself. I am feeling deep appreciation for my therapist and all she has done standing by my side. I am feeling grief for the girl that I once was. I am feeling unashamed love for the thing that society labels so negatively--therapy. 
Therapy is cool. My happy place is sitting in that therapy office where I can bare my soul in a safe place without any judgement or criticism. My therapist holds space for me at my worst as I work endlessly to be my best. I am a strong believer that if everyone had a therapist, this world would be a better place. 
Recently, as we have reflected together on how far I have come in these two years, we joke that she practically raised me. Not in a manner of disrespect for my own wonderful parents but because in that office, on that couch, I was rebirthed from the girl I once was. I painfully shed all of the layers that no longer served me and I came out anew while she sat with me, guided me, and taught me to become this powerful, badass of a woman. 
The thing is, I walked in that office March 30th, 2017 feeling small, worthless and as if I had no power or strength to give to the world. My therapist didn’t give me that power, but rather she showed me that it was within me all along and I just had to tap into it. Now, I use my power to empower. I use my voice to share my story and share my light in hopes to reach those feeling powerless and lost like I once did.
Listen to Episode Ten on my podcast where I go deeper into the stigmas of therapy. Link in bio.
#mindfulfam #therapysession #therapyworks #mentalhealthmatters
I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Not everybody is going to like you.

I used to be a big time people pleaser. 
For almost eighteen years, I was lost living a life trying to make everyone around me happy. I was trying to make everybody comfortable in my presence. I was trying to avoid conflict or disagreements. I was trying to make everyone approve of who I was. I was trying to be someone that I simply am not and cannot be.

Because of this need to please everyone around me, I always came up short. I was never good enough. 
It wasn’t until I finally owned who I am, stepped fully into my purpose, and stood strong for what I believe in that I realized no matter what I do, someone is always going to end up not liking me. Someone is going to hate what I have to say. In fact, someone is going to despise my guts.

But that’s not my problem. 
It’s no longer my job to prove to ANYONE that I am enough. 
Because I already have a strong knowing in myself that I am.

I don’t owe anyone an explanation for who I am.

And now, my truths make some people extremely uncomfortable.
Some people just don’t understand me and never will.
Some people speak those dislikes either to my face, hiding behind a screen, or through rumors.

But guess what? I could. not. care. less.
Because turns out, I’m not for everyone. 
And that is OKAY with me. 
I have my cheerleaders and I have my haters--both motivate me to stay true to my authentic self.

Stop giving up your power by putting it in other people’s hands. OWN YOUR POWER. Own who you are. Don’t let anyone change or take that away from you. //
Go take a listen to episode nine of my podcast where I dive deeper into people pleasing. Link in bio.
it’s all fun & games until someone tumbles down a cliff... even then it’s still fun & games. ;)
#RealityCheck — This weekend, we had 7 families in one cabin. Oh boy, was it a BLAST. That’s not sarcastic. It really was. I had so much fun bonding, laughing, hanging out. But it also was very chaotic at all times. Which I can stand for a time. But being an empath AND an introvert, it took a lot out of me and I needed a day or two to recharge afterwards and decompress. I also happened to twist my ankle the second day snowboarding. I tried shaking it off at first and went back up the slope two more times. But it got worse and I cried getting down the mountain it hurt so bad. But I so desperately did not want to quit snowboarding early. It’s the one sport I can do and I hardly get the chance to go. So mentally I was trying to fight off the cries & signs my body was telling me. But I couldn’t do it so I went back to the cabin to ice it in a very depressed mood. Not to mention, I also happened to drop my laptop smack on my ankle causing so much more pain & denting my new laptop. Cherry on top. Adelie left the weekend with a fever & chills. Mallory left with a blistering sunburn causing her to look like Rudolph. Not the most graceful ending for the Rogers girls.🤷🏻‍♀️
The day I have worked endlessly toward is here!! I’m finally launching my podcast! This has been in the works for quite some time and I have made my ideas & dreams into a reality. I have discovered that my purpose in life is to speak up and be an advocate for those suffering from mental illness & abuse. I find myself clinging to this purpose when I am struggling on days that are more than rocky. I can’t wait to share my journey and insights with you through speaking on my podcast.

Sooo welcome to In the Wake with Whytli. The definition of the phrase “in the wake” means the result of an event happening and I believe that I have found my purpose and choose to speak up as a result of my story of abuse, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I have turned my story into a story of light and hope. I choose to rise up from the hurt and pain. My podcast launch includes five episodes covering self-love, support, societal rules, and power of control. Listen in, subscribe, and decide to stay awhile as I continue to discuss the uncomfortable things of life. {Link in bio for podcast subscriptions & episodes}

I guess this is also a good time to announce that I am now a certified life coach!! I have studied, pondered, and studied some more for quite some time now. I have devoted every fiber of my being to learning, growing, and evolving. All of it has paid off as I got certified to fulfill my purpose and start doing what I love. I am beyond excited, grateful, and passionate.

I want to thank all of those who have supported me every step so far, contributed to my works, and loved me unconditionally throughout this process. I could not continue sharing the vulnerable without my army of support & cheerleaders rallying behind me. You know who you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Check out my website // whytli.com // Link in bio for all the Podcast info, my #NoFilter videos, blog posts, ways to contact me, and more.

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Don’t be fooled—we laugh to keep from crying about the cold snow :,)
My best friend and I found ourselves in the aisles of Goodwill after a day you could describe with all the negative words in the world. Before we knew it, we were buying stacks of glass plates and driving to the edge of town in the hopes of blowing off some steam. 
We’ve done this several times before but this time was different. Before each plate came crashing down, we labeled them. We’d speak our frustrations, insecurities, and built up emotions. We’d name them with the annoyances, pains, misery, and hurtful things going on in our lives. Then we’d smash those things one by one into a million pieces. 
We let go. We let it out. We forgave, moved on, released. We screamed a little, cried a little, and took huge sighs of relief after each worry was destroyed. 
It was so symbolic to physically smash those doubts, fears, angers. It was therapeutic. 
At the same time, the sky was beautiful with light streaming through the clouds as if it were trying to tell us that there was hope for new beginnings. Hope for better days. Telling us that there is so much to be grateful for. 
We drove to the desert about to snap under the pressures of the world but we drove away, souls filled to the brim, overflowing with gratitude and joy. 
I was conflicted on whether I wanted to share this because I want to hold this experience close to my heart but I also want to be authentic in my feed and share the bits and pieces of life that aren’t so perfect. 
Life is hard. Every day isn’t full of sunshine and rainbows. But a lot of it can be if we don’t let the pain consume us. 
I highly encourage you to go smash some plates. Go. Run. Don’t walk!! Stop suppressing all of the painful emotions and let it out in a healthy way so that you can move on to lighter, happier feelings of joy. Acknowledge, feel, and heal. Don’t let the pain control you. Don’t be a victim to life. Get up and do something about it. #RealityCheck
Let’s get real with Whyt again. Warning, tread lightly. 
If you were to look at my Instagram profile earlier last year, it would have looked like I was in a happy, maybe even healthy, relationship with a boyfriend. Little did you know, that I was being sexually and mentally abused while also suffering with extreme anxiety and depression. Earlier this year, I shared my #NoFilter story via video telling my mental illness story. Now I am choosing to take off yet another filter of my story. I was raped, violated, and abused. As I am healing from this trauma, I have become passionate about being an advocate for abuse and mental illness. I want to make clear my intentions of sharing this. I am not sharing out of spite, revenge, or attention. The details of who and what are not important. I’m more concerned about speaking up for those victims like myself. I am doing this for the girl that I once was who was so lost, so broken, and living such dark things. I am choosing to take back my power and use it to empower. I cannot stay silent. I will make my voice heard. The world is ignorant regarding abusive relationships and victims of rape and sexual assault but I’m here to change that, one person at a time. 
Check the link in my bio to watch my part two #NoFilter video about my experiences regarding my abuse. #MeToo 
And stay tuned for my podcast launch where I will continue sharing my journey and insights.
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Last Argentina post I promise — catch all the adventures in the video link in bio 🧡
#RealityCheck — The circumstances of this baby & family that are not pictured breaks my heart. It was at the river bottoms. We climbed through the jungle to get there. There was trash piling up everywhere. Their houses are the literal definitions of shacks handmade out of mud and any material they could find. They were single room shacks with families bigger than 6 all packed inside. They had no air conditioning in the 100% humid heat. There were starving stray dogs carrying diseases and growling. There were stray chickens losing their feathers in distress. This baby’s diaper was full & falling off. Despite the circumstances no one should have to live in, they were some of the kindest, warmest people I have ever met. They had the strongest spirits about them. They gave the longest, tightest hugs. They laughed, they played, and they were grateful. I was humbled watching them. I realized my privileged lifestyle. They taught me the beauty of loving life and being genuinely happy regardless of material possessions.
Iguazu falls was the most beautiful and breathtaking piece of nature. Not pictured—standing underneath, feeling the mist hit your face, the roar of water drowning out the world—a purely magical experience. Thanks Mother Nature.
#RealityCheck — These waterfalls are a HUGE tourist attraction and it was so beyond crowded where at some points, you could hardly move. It caused a lot of social anxiety for me and I could have easily panicked at any given moment. I also knew myself being an empath—the crowds were going to wear me out completely where I would be left lifeless with no energy & unable to function or speak for quite awhile until I got to recharge. Luckily, the only thing keeping me grounded and outside of my head was the actual waterfalls. I had to focus all of my anxiety & energy into the sensations of it—Hearing the calming roar of the water, feeling the mist hit my face, smelling the dewy scent, seeing such wondrous beauty. If I kept my mind on that, I wouldn’t spiral down and I could actually enjoy myself.
“Have you seen my selfie stick anywhere?”
-Brett Rogers. Yes, Brett Rogers, ladies & gents.

No, dad. I hid it for a reason.
rainy days + reading + relaxing 
PS reading my fourth book from this vacation so hit me up with new books 🖤
#RealityCheck — This photo was curated & posed. I hate that it is but it is. We took it as we were rushing out the door to check out on time and get to our next destination. The thought behind it is genuine though. I really did read four books. 20 days away from my reality was bliss & just what I needed. Being disconnected from friends, cellular data, social media, work, school, and all of the noises & distractions of my reality was just what I needed. I got to sit in the silence and ponder, reflect, and dream about my life. I got to read, write, meditate and I learned so, SO much about myself and where I wanted to be and go. I didn’t have any pictures documenting that portion of my trip and I wanted at least one so I could look back and remember that. It turned out to be pretty cute so of course it made it to the feed but it wasn’t taken specifically for the feed. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Mariquita’s wise words, “Most people grow older and just complain. But I choose to laugh and make jokes.” And I’ve never heard a truer statement. She is such a catch & has me crying laughing every time she’s around. Oh boy, I have not laughed this hard in a long time and it feels so good. So thank you, Mariquita, for being you. Thank you for showing me how I want to live my life from 2019 forward.
Wishing I had more than just a day in this beautiful place called Uruguay 💛 Thanks to Pablo, our personal tour guide, in the best country on the planet ;)
All I wanted was to see some real tango dancing in the streets, and my goal was already accomplished on day three 💃💃
#RealityChecks — Even though this La Boca neighborhood is beautiful in colors, it is one of the more dangerous areas for tourists with the likelihood to be robbed very high. We wore our backpacks on our fronts constantly on this trip. We even saw locals wearing their bags on the front because no one trusts you’ll be safe with it behind you. We simply wore our backpacks normal to take this picture.
Fun fact: My cute grandma is from Argentina 
Funner fact: I’m visiting my cute grandma in Argentina & loving every second
#RealityCheck — This was the first day in Argentina. We completely failed this first tourist day. Nash threw up in public three times. We got lost. Our plans got cancelled because we didn’t make it in time to our different destinations before they closed. It was still such a fun learning experience. I practiced staying calm in the chaos and learning to be happy with whatever circumstances life threw my way.
My favorite, most precious gift this Christmas are the people that were put in my life this year. It’s been a year full of pain & hardships but the people that carried me through, inspired me to be a better me, and supported me every step of the way have a special place in my heart. Strong believer that when you become your true authentic self, you attract your people. Your tribe. Your life long friends. Thank you for creating happiness, adventure, and an overwhelming amount of love in my life. You are the ones that kept me going every single day. You know who you are. Beyond grateful for all the mountains AND the valleys of this year. Merry Christmas & happy holidays, loves!
Blasting off the christmas season with my favorite aliens! Thanks to my date for being out of this world 👽💚
#RealityCheck — Megan and I created this dance called Jitterbug. We were sick of only getting Homecoming, Sadies, & Prom. We wanted to create some more fun opportunities to dress up, go on dates, and do something big. It was pretty stressful planning and we let some of the other girls take the wheel because we were kind of burnt out on the stresses of planning. I hosted it at my house & at one point I left while everyone was still there. Not my proudest hosting moment.
forgot how much the mountains enlighten my soul when life got a lil overwhelming & cloudy for a sec there, but today was the perfect reminder. 💛
they may drive me nuts most days but in all honesty they are my best friends & i wouldn’t trade them for anything 💛
#RealityCheck — This is the FIRST time I can remember family pictures going smoothly with no drama or problems. It usually begins and ends in tears for one of the four girls. One of us not feeling beautiful enough, good enough, or picture perfect enough. Whether that’s because not wanting to wear the outfit my mom picked out, bad hair day, makeup mess up, feeling insecure, or grumpy & just not having it..the list could go on. Not to mention my dad & Nash not wanting to be there for any part of it getting impatient and annoyed with how many pictures we require to get at least one we like. They get dragged along for the ride and don’t dare take a breathe until it’s over. There’s so much stress & pressure on family pictures because they only happen once every year or once every couple years. Why is that? If all the stress, pressure, and shame weren’t clouding the actually pictures, they might capture genuine, pure smiles instead of the super posed & pulled grins. Family pictures feel like the epitome of Instagram feeds & social media fronts to me. They look beautiful & perfect but more often than not, the realities & stories behind them are complete opposite.
Homecoming with your best friends makes for the best weekend hands down. I love these humans more than life itself. 💛💛PS my date can secretly dance like Napoleon Dynamite ;)
#RealityCheck — Homecoming weekend was actually so much fun so there aren’t any realities to report behind the pictures besides the story of my dress. I wore this dress to my Junior year homecoming as well. But it was a terrible night and terrible dance. When I had a moment of confidence, my abuser tore me down right away. As I’ve researched abuse, abusers do this because they feel threatened the moment you feel empowered so they do anything to keep you feeling insecure & dependent on them to make you feel “good” again. This process of tearing you down only to build you back up again causes the victim to crave those moments of being built back up so they feel they need their abuser to feel good again therefore they do not leave the abuse. Anyway, Junior year, I came home early in tears. My abuser was rude, ignored me all night, and tore me up until I was sobbing. When Senior homecoming came around, I couldn’t find a dress I was in love with. I wanted to give my old homecoming dress justice. I wanted to be able to wear my handmade dress and actually feel beautiful in it for once. I wanted to erase the tainted, horrid night from the dress and wear it creating new, happier ones. But I was also scared of judgement from my peers for rewearing my dress. I was fearful of the gossip from those that remembered this dress. But I decided I didn’t care anymore. I was in love with this dress and I felt confident and beautiful in it so I had to own. It may seem silly to some because it’s just a dress but it meant a lot to me.
cravin adrenaline like i’m cravin french fries
all my favorite humans in one place makes for a happy whyt :,)
#RealityCheck — Um hi I just have a question for anyone who is stalking me at the moment... do you know what “simp” means? Or is it just a Vegas thing? Because Chyler & Tanner claim they have no idea what it means and that only Vegas kids know what it means but I’m sorry, I don’t really believe that to be true. Who’s right?
starting out my eighteenth year in my cheetah print boots. i have a good feeling about this.