Therapy Anniversary

March 30th marks two years since I decided to reach out for help. It marks the day I sat down in that therapy office even when I was feeling uncomfortable shame and stigma. I was a girl that felt so powerless, so desperate, so helpless, and so alone in the depths of my own misery. …

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My best friend and I found ourselves in the aisles of Goodwill after a day you could describe with all the negative words in the world. Before we knew it, we were buying stacks of glass plates and driving to the edge of town in the hopes of blowing off some steam. We’ve done this …

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This Is Me

Let me tell you something. You can create the life you love. You can live in a reality that doesn’t need escaping, numbing, vacations.Get rid of the things distracting you from your purpose. Whether that’s unfollowing someone who you constantly compare yourself to, quitting a job that makes you dread getting up in the morning, saying goodbye …

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