Fall Favorites // 2015

There are certain items that make my fall wardrobe complete. These items are definitely on repeat as I mix and match them. Here are ten of my very favorite things for the fall months.

Velvet Floppy Hats //

My mom and I joined our forces of floppy hats and here are the results! Greasy hair is easy to cover up with a big hat. It really distracts from your hair. Plus they are a fabulous accessory!

Grey Hat
Grey Hat
Black Hat
Maroon Hat
Tan Hat
Blue Hat
Blue Hat

Army Green Jacket //

What’s fall without an army green jacket? I love fall clothing that’s army green like some jeans but nothing else green haha. These jackets even look cute tied around the waist because it doesn’t cool down very much here in Vegas.

Army Green
I heart pockets.
I heart pockets
Tied around the waist.
Tied around the waist

Oversized Sweater //

Oversized sweaters are a yes in your wardrobe. They are the second-most comfortable thing to wear besides t-shirt dresses!

Oversized Sweater
Short sleeve sweater
Short Sleeve Sweater

Overalls //

Overalls are so fun to wear. Whether they are skinny or boyfriend style, they are adorable! You can easily dress overalls up with a cardigan, blouse, or heels or simply dress them down with a flannel, t-shirt, or some Converse.

Peter Pan collar with overalls
Grey on grey + skinny overalls

Flannels //

Whether it’s maroon, red, grey, or whatever color, flannels are always a good idea. I love the idea that it looks cute tied around your waste or you can wear it if it’s chilly except it doesn’t get chilly in Vegas!

Layering denim and flannels
I had to get some sass in the shoot. Sorry not sorry.
I feel like I could make this outfit into a scarecrow costume for Halloween! Still super cute outfit though.:)
I feel like I could make this outfit into a scarecrow costume for Halloween! Still super cute outfit though. πŸ™‚
Tied around the waste.
Tied around the waist

Ankle Booties //

I love getting to wear boots all fall/winter long because then I don’t have to worry about my toes being painted!

There are those army green pants I was talking about earlier.
There are those army green pants I was talking about earlier.
Patterned booties are so fun
Ooh some patterned booties.
Spice it up with a high heeled bootie!
Spice it up with a high heeled bootie!

Stripes //

Lots and lots of stripes. Striped shirts, skirts, dresses, & basically anything! Stripes are always going to be in I tell you.

Quarter sleeve striped blouse
Mixed patterns with the striped t-shirt

Triangular Jewelry //

I don’t know if I am the only one, but I am obsessed with triangles, especially triangle jewelry!

Layered necklaces
Triangle stud earrings
Triangle statement necklace

Knee High Socks //

Knee high socks are life savers. They are the solution to wearing dresses when it’s cold out. Plus along with my love for shoes, I love wearing socks.

Knee highs with a skirt
Knee highs with a t-shirt dress
Knee high sockzzzz

Half Up Hairstyles //

Okay, these are also a year-long favorite! Half-up hairstyles are so classy yet can be fun and playful.

Classy half-up braid
Playful half-up messy bun with my natural curls

xoxo // Whytli Briana

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