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I don’t know if all of you know or can tell but I am a Mormon. Today I had to speak in our sacrament meeting at church. I just wanted to share that with you. I encourage you to read about it whether you’re Mormon or not!


Hi, I am Whytli Rogers. So I was talking to a returned missionary who is like my best friend when preparing my talk and he said to start off with a childhood story relating to my topic. But I can’t even remember what I ate for dinner last night so that wasn’t going to be so easy. He gave me permission to share his story and I loved it.

So he was about 9 years old and he went to a family reunion. At the party there was a ropes course. There were two poles and a bridge in between. You would climb up high, walk across the bridge, and at the other pole was a zipline to get down. Of course you were harnessed in so you wouldn’t fall but there was also an instructor who walked a couple feet in front of you at the bridge and helped you down the zipline. He decided he was definitely not going to try it out. All the younger kids were so excited and started lining up. He has a blind younger cousin named, Kale, who was about 7 years old. Kale really wanted to go on the course & so they told him everything he had to do to make it across the course safely even though he was blind. He still wanted to go so he climbed up to the bridge. About halfway across the bridge he started crying and wanted to get down. The instructor told him to listen and focus on her voice and she will guide him to safety. He obeyed her careful instructions and made it down the zipline. He ended up loving the course and wanted to go again.

Okay so now to relate to my topic which by the way is faith. I think that the bridge can be the course of life. Kale is blind and without faith in the instructor he couldn’t make it across. The instructor can be symbolized as the Lord. The instructors careful directions are as the Lord’s promptings from the Holy Ghost. If Kale didn’t have faith in the instructor, she wouldn’t be able to guide and lead Kale safely across and he would’ve fallen and gotten hurt. God is a step ahead whenever we need him to guide us. Faith is defined as having hope in things that are not seen which is literally what Kale did up on the ropes course. The Tabernacle Choir once sang a song called “Faith in Every Footstep” which basically describes Kale’s faith in getting across that high bridge.

I like what “True to the Faith” has to say on the topic of faith. It reads, “Having faith in Jesus Christ means relying completely on Him–trusting in His infinite power, intelligence, and love. It includes believing His teachings. It means believing that even though you do not understand all things, He does. Remember that because He has experienced all your pains, afflictions, and infirmities, He knows how to help you rise above your daily difficulties.”

I absolutely love that and it gives me strength and knowing that He is here to help as He knows what we are going through. The Lord has a plan for us and the key to getting back to Him someday is being faithful and believing. If we don’t trust in the Lord then we will fall off the right path. Faith is the key to many concepts in life. We need faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost for many things like a strong family relationship, daily choices, and getting back to our Father in Heaven. I want to close with my testimony that I know our Father loves each and every one of us and he cares that we stay on the right pathway. We need stay faithful and strong and follow his teachings. I know that when I have not had faith in my Lord that life gets rough quickly. Faith gets us through trials and just about anything with our God by our side. I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.


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xoxo // Whytli Briana

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