Crisscross Braids // Requested Tutorial

I recently learned how to do this crisscross braid and I am totally digging it right now! I have had lots of people ask how you do it and for a tutorial. If you have got the French or Dutch braid technique down then you can definitely do this braid.


Step one // Split your hair down the middle vertically.

Step one //

Step two // Split the hair horizontally so it’s in four pieces. Clip up three of the sections leaving the top right section loose.

Step two //

Step three // Take a small section at the front to start off the dutch braid.

Step three //

Step four // Add in pieces using all of that first section.

Step four //

Step five // Unclip the opposite section (bottom left.) To transition to the next section, keep braiding but without adding in any sections so a normal three piece braid.

Step five //

Step six // Do a normal braid until you reach the opposite section. Then you start adding in pieces and Dutch braiding again.

Step six //

Step seven // Finish off the first braid by securing it with an elastic. Then you unclip the top left section.

Step seven //

Step eight // Start another Dutch braid with this top left section.

Step eight //

Step nine // Again continue a normal braid in a diagonal on top of the other braid.

Step nine //

Step ten // Add in pieces from the opposite section. Secure the end of the braid with an elastic.

Step ten //

Step eleven // I like to take the edges of the braids and make it look fuller and bigger. I learned that if you do a semi-tight braid then you can pull pieces out and they stay. At this point you should have a fun crisscross braid!

Step eleven //

Step twelve // My lovely hair assistant wore these braids all day to play and then wore them while asleep. This morning she took them out and they make the prettiest waves!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Step twelve //

xoxo // Whytli Briana

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