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I am accepting the #CHOOSINGTOLOVEMYSELF challenge I saw from my favorite blogger, @haileydevine ‘s Instagram page. I encourage all of my readers and followers to take this challenge as well! The challenge is to go 18 days without saying anything negative about yourself! Download the adorable packet full of positive challenges for each day to replace your bad habits over on thesmallseed.com.


All of my life I’ve especially hated my natural curls even though many people tell me they would love them. I was insecure about my puffy, frizzy hair and coveted natural straight hair all of the time. Last summer I embraced it and wore my hair natural all summer. I have learned to love it and now see what a blessing it is. This year I am slowly but surely working on myself for myself. It makes me happy to be trying to improve my self confidence, worth, and just being satisfied with my life. I cannot stress being happy with yourself and loving yourself any more. I am a beautiful daughter of God and I love myself as I am!!


My sister, friend, and I are taking this challenge and doing it for our LDS Personal Progress program. We are doing an individual worth project. I love this program because it helps me achieve my goals to work on myself. This challenges really kicks off a lot of my 2016 goalsΒ about loving myself, smiling, having a positive mindset, breaking bad habits, and being grateful for what I have.


The inspirational quote that comes in the free packet says, “I love myself as I am — for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I am beautiful, right now, just the way I am. I am more than my body, the clothes in my closet, or the style of my hair, for I am strong and do hard things. I am worth loving. I hold myself to a standard of grace not perfection, and I refuse to put myself down. I am a beautiful being, a daughter of God, and I love myself as I am.”

xoxo // Whytli Briana

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