Beanie Weather // Divine Doe Goods Collab

Okay so I absolutely love Divine Doe Goods’ products, plus the teen girls who run the company are adorable! Basically they sell beanies and trucker hats with patches. You get to pick the color of hat and then pick a patch from loads of options! I have had a trucker hat for two years now and I still wear it. They are very good quality hats and super cute! They recently started selling beanies and came up with a reversible beanie with two different patches. I got one and it switches from a slouch beanie to a folded more fitted beanie. You should definitely check out their Instagram and Etsy Shop!! With the colder season coming up, you totally need one of their beanies in your wardrobe. A trucker hat or beanie is a perfect way to calm your fly away hairs in the wind or cover up greasy hair. You can sport their hats for basically anything from date night to hiking to a regular day!Β To match with my hats, I wore a more neutral outfit. I wanted the main color pop to be on the hat so I wore whites, blacks, greys, and tan.Β I had a lot of fun shooting and modeling their merchandise! Also check out my last blog post about my Winter Favorites that included these hats. P.S. Big thanks to @annieromanophoto for doing this fun shoot with me!

Beanie Outfit
I’ll give you a hug if you get a hat for yoself!
Went on a bike ride
IMG_7543 (2)
Beach Cruiser
Sprinkles Patch
Donuts + Beanies
Smelling the sweet flowers
I treated these flowers like my babies.
Diamond patch & slouch beanie
Trucker hat
I got my sassy pants on.
Shake it like a Polaroid picture
Peace out girl scout!

xoxo // Whytli Briana


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