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Curling your hair starts out as a science where you have to experiment with different curls, techniques, and irons but as soon as you have got it down then it’s an easy 15 minute process. I hate to break it to you, but everyone’s curls would turn out differently if I curled ten different peoples’ hair the same way. This is because it depends on the hair length, thickness, and natural wave. So I am not going to bother with putting my personal curling process in this post but if anyone would like to see it, let me know because I will gladly write up a post on short hair curling. For now, enjoy these tips and answers to your questions! Also, I would love to see your curls after using these tips so send them in!!



Q// How do you keep your curls in all day?

A// Something that I found a big difference in is hairspray. I used to spray my hair after or during curling my hair and by the end of the day my curls would be tangled and flat. I have not used hairspray on my hair in so so long and it has made a HUGE difference! The hairspray only weighs down the curls instead of holding them. Say goodbye to that sweet-smelling spray.


Q// What specific curling iron do you use?

A//Β My curls may sometimes look like I use a wand but I ditched that and just use a regular old clamp. The trick to the clamp curling iron is to not use the clamp. I wrap the hair around the whole rod without opening up the clamp. My specific curling iron is a one inch Conair. I have experimented with different brands and sizes but always find myself liking this one better.

Curling Iron
Curling iron

Q// What’s a really fast way to curl hair for school?

A// Instead of sectioning off you hair, split you hair down the middle and curl pieces in medium chunks. Focus more on the top layer and let the bottom part stay wavy or very loose. I find this saving me ten minutes and a good solution to running late/quick curls.


Q// Are there any ways to hold up your hair for overnight curls?

A// I found the best solution is a no heat way using an elastic headband. All you do is start with pieces by your face, twist, and wrap the hair around the band. Take the end of that piece and add more hair in, twist, and wrap around. Repeat on both sides of your hair until they meet in the middle. Take bigger chunks for more loose of a curl and vice versa for tighter.

Twist hair & wrap
Twist hair & wrap
Side view of overnight curls
Side view of overnight curls

Q// How do you get the curls so they are not so tight?

A// There are two ways you could go with this. One would be taking bigger pieces of hair to curl (about 2 in.) OR what I do is tug the bottom of the curl once it is cooled. I tug the bottom and then let go so that the curl isn’t so wound up. This just loosens it out.

Tug on curls to loosen



Tips & Tricks & Precautions

  • Bottom layer do very loose, middle layer a bit tighter, and top layer curl all the way. This gives dimension and makes it look longer.
  • Washing your hair the night before and braiding it leaves it ready, clean, wavy, and crease-free.
  • Curl away from your face so that the curls are twisted outward.
Curl away from your face
Curl away from your face
  • To protect against heat damage, I spray my damp hair with It’s A 10. I can see a difference when I do not use this and it’s not the same. I personally do not like heat protectant that you spray in while you curl your hair because it makes my hair feel sticky similar to hairspray.
It's A 10 Spray
It’s A 10 Spray
  • This is how I wrap my curls. It looks a bit difficult but the top part of the piece lays flat while more of the end is twisted.
How to wrap your hair

xoxo // Whytli Briana


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