Category: Winter

Denim on Denim // Snake Shoes

Lots and lots of denim. Here in Vegas we are transitioning from Winter to Spring because there isn’t much of a Winter. Denim is a fabulous pick to wear when going from seasons since denim fits into every category in the fashion world. I went with some dark denim skinnies that were a bit short of the ankle and a… Read more →

Color Block Cardi // The Beatles

Well the weekend has come and it feels great after an exhausting week! It’s been five days since I cut some inches off my hair and so far I am absolutely loving it. I am still experimenting with hairstyles in short hair so as soon as I figure out this long bob, a hair guide about short hairdos will be… Read more →

Royal Blue // Fresh in January

Color choice is everything. I think blue is a great color for January because it reminds me of a fresh, welcoming color. Royal blue is my favorite of the blues so that’s why I chose to wear this quarter sleeve blouse this month.Β I always seem to see lots of gold around this time of year. I added a bit more… Read more →

Overalls // Skinny Jeans

Turns out you don’t have to be a little kid to wear overalls. I found these overalls for cheap at Ross, which took me by surprise. I instantly fell in love with them because the legs were skinny jeans. It makes them well fitted and still comfortable. I also have a pair of shortalls (overalls but with shorts). I always… Read more →

Winter Sweater // Holiday Go-To

Yay for Christmas and cold weather! The holiday weeks are always rushed and everyone seems to be super busy. This is my go to outfit when I need to quickly be somewhere. A sweater and black jeans are easy to put together and also make for a cute and simple holiday outfit. It keeps you warm for the cold season… Read more →

Dressy Winter // B&W

I love dressing up in a fancy dress for some special occasion like church or the holidays. Black and white seem to really go for this season so I have a black dress with subtle polka dots. The cardigan is white with black polka dots. I am really loving the small detail of lace on the cardigan as well. This… Read more →

Winter Warmth // Gold Shimmer

Guys, I sure love the cold weather. It may or may not be because I can wear a larger variety of clothes & layering though. Today’s look is a black & gold super cozy outfit. In Vegas lately, we have been having dark, rainy days and someone said to me, “It’s not possible to have a cute outfit and be… Read more →

Holiday Wear // Partay

No matter how many holiday parties you’re invited to, it’s always fun to fancy up in warm winter clothes. Something I’ve seen all over Pinterest are these faux fur vests and I was so delighted when I found me one. Wearing all black can go two ways but I was going for the fancy and classy look. With some super… Read more →