Month: January 2015

Liebster Award // Q&A

So I was nominated by the lovely TheHannahGold for the Liebster Awards and I honestly had no idea what it was until I saw it on a couple different blogs recently. It’s not an actual award but gives shout outs to other bloggers. To play you are supposed to answer the following questions about yourself and then nominate up to 11… Read more →

Kimono & Khakis // Hint of Spring

I feel like 2015 is whizzing by because I swear New Years night was just last night. It’s okay because I am prepared and know this is going to be a great year. Spring is just around the corner and I can almost see it. It’s a transition between seasons right now going from winter and cold to rainy and… Read more →

Denim on Denim // Snake Shoes

Lots and lots of denim. Here in Vegas we are transitioning from Winter to Spring because there isn’t much of a Winter. Denim is a fabulous pick to wear when going from seasons since denim fits into every category in the fashion world. I went with some dark denim skinnies that were a bit short of the ankle and a… Read more →

Digital Magazine // PV Trends

So my friend Abbie and I have been working on a project for a while and we finally published! Yay us!! We took pictures of our picked models, organized them in a magazine, and wrote tips and tricks to wearing modest and cute clothing. I believe that you can only view the digital magazine on a computer and not a… Read more →

Color Block Cardi // The Beatles

Well the weekend has come and it feels great after an exhausting week! It’s been five days since I cut some inches off my hair and so far I am absolutely loving it. I am still experimenting with hairstyles in short hair so as soon as I figure out this long bob, a hair guide about short hairdos will be… Read more →

New Hair // Chopped

New year, new me. Haha kidding that’s cheesy! Anyway…six inches chopped today. Aaaah! I never thought I would do this but here I am with short hair. I have seen several people cut off their long hair and regret it after but I decided I needed to experience it for myself. So far I am loving it but I am… Read more →

Royal Blue // Fresh in January

Color choice is everything. I think blue is a great color for January because it reminds me of a fresh, welcoming color. Royal blue is my favorite of the blues so that’s why I chose to wear this quarter sleeve blouse this month. I always seem to see lots of gold around this time of year. I added a bit more… Read more →

Transition Braid // Tutorial

Why would you do a simple side braid when you know how to jazz it up with a transition braid? You just wouldn’t because that would be a silly thing to do. I love this transition braid since it looks really pretty and fancy when really all it is a fishtail and French braid. Also, when you do experiment with… Read more →