Month: December 2014

Overalls // Skinny Jeans

Turns out you don’t have to be a little kid to wear overalls. I found these overalls for cheap at Ross, which took me by surprise. I instantly fell in love with them because the legs were skinny jeans. It makes them well fitted and still comfortable. I also have a pair of shortalls (overalls but with shorts). I always… Read more →

Winter Sweater // Holiday Go-To

Yay for Christmas and cold weather! The holiday weeks are always rushed and everyone seems to be super busy. This is my go to outfit when I need to quickly be somewhere. A sweater and black jeans are easy to put together and also make for a cute and simple holiday outfit. It keeps you warm for the cold season… Read more →

Dressy Winter // B&W

I love dressing up in a fancy dress for some special occasion like church or the holidays. Black and white seem to really go for this season so I have a black dress with subtle polka dots. The cardigan is white with black polka dots. I am really loving the small detail of lace on the cardigan as well. This… Read more →

Winter Warmth // Gold Shimmer

Guys, I sure love the cold weather. It may or may not be because I can wear a larger variety of clothes & layering though. Today’s look is a black & gold super cozy outfit. In Vegas lately, we have been having dark, rainy days and someone said to me, “It’s not possible to have a cute outfit and be… Read more →