Month: November 2014

Holiday Wear // Partay

No matter how many holiday parties you’re invited to, it’s always fun to fancy up in warm winter clothes. Something I’ve seen all over Pinterest are these faux fur vests and I was so delighted when I found me one. Wearing all black can go two ways but I was going for the fancy and classy look. With some super… Read more →

Hair Class // Utah

ATTENTION: Looking for some advice, tips, & instructions on some hairstyles? You’ve come to the right place. I will be in Utah for Thanksgiving break and anyone one who will be around is welcome to meet up with me on the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 26th. I am trying to earn money to go on my school Europe field… Read more →

Elegant Plum // Family Pics

Family pictures are quite possibly the most stressful thing EVER and I find it funny that everyone in my family always seems to be in a bad mood on that day when we have to hug each other and put on fake smiles. Some pretty weird things were said to each other to make us smile and laugh but really… Read more →

Army Green // Fall Casual

I would be lying if I said that autumn isn’t my favorite season for clothes. These army green skinnies are my favorite go-to fall item. No joke, I will wear them with anything and everything. They even have cute gold zippers that make me love them even more. Big, baggy t-shirts are so comfy and it’s easy to make them… Read more →

How to Dutch Braid // Braiding Basics

If you can French braid then you can definitely Dutch braid, which is the basic braid to all of my favorite hairstyles. I think that if you understand how to do this simple braid then you can create so many different fun hairstyles with variation. This is my first “How to” so I’m still learning how to teach a braid over… Read more →

Fancy Friday //

“I’m so fancy. You already know!” Sorry, I just had to. This week’s look is what my sisters and I call “Fancy Friday.” When you dress fancier than your average day and you just feel so fabulous. I usually wear something like this when I go out shopping or to a restaurant. I was at The District in Green Valley… Read more →